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The Job Characteristics Inventory (JCI) measures individuals on how they feel about the: (1) experienced meaningfulness of their work, (2) experienced responsibility for outcomes, and (3) knowledge of the actual results of their work. Positive scores on these three dimensions result in employees having high internal motivation, high quality work performance, high satisfaction with their work, and reduced absenteeism and job turnover. The JCI is a highly valid and reliable 15-item, self-report instrument that measures an individual on five dimensions:

skill variety - the extent to which a job requires a variety of employee competencies to carry it out
task identity - the extent to which a job requires an employee to complete a whole piece of work (from start to finish)
task significance - the extent to which an employee sees his or her work as meaningful
autonomy - the extent to which the employee has empowerment and discretion in carrying out his or her tasks
feedback - the extent to which one receives clear information about the effectiveness of performance

The instrument also includes a "Motivating Potential Score" (MPS) component, which indicates whether or not an employee is strongly motivated to perform his or her particular job. The MPS model proposes that a job must have "meaningfulness," "responsibility," and "feedback." Without these three components there is: (1) a lack of job enrichment, (2) the job is incomplete, and (3) it does not strongly motivate an employee.

(Revised January, 2015)