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About the Questionnaire

The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) is designed to measure an employee's satisfaction with their particular job. The MSQ makes it feasible to obtain an individualized picture of worker job satisfaction, as well as providing an accurate measurement of job satisfaction for groups of individuals on numerous workplace factors.

The MSQ is a 100-item, self-report instrument. The MSQ measures job satisfaction across 20 different dimensions, with five questions on each dimension. Those dimensions in which job satisfaction is measured are as follows:

  • ability utilization - the chance to use one's abilities
  • achievement - feelings of accomplishment
  • activity - being able to stay busy on the job
  • advancement - the opportunity to advance
  • authority - the chance to direct others
  • company - satisfaction with company policies
  • compensation - pay for the work done
  • co-workers - relationships with co-workers
  • creativity - the chance to try own work methods
  • independence - the opportunity to work alone
  • moral values - not having to violate conscience at work
  • recognition - praise received from work done
  • responsibility - freedom to use own judgment
  • security - steady employment on the job
  • social service - the chance to do things for others
  • social status - the opportunity to be "somebody"
  • supervision (HR) - way the boss handles employees
  • supervision (technical) - competence of supervisor
  • variety - the chance to do different things occasionally
  • working conditions - all facets of the work environment

(Revised January, 2015)