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The Organizational Climate Survey (OCS) was developed by J.S. Evans Consulting, Inc. It was developed in May 2002 to provide an organizational climate measurement and assessment on a large number of issues related to human behavior and job performance.

The OCS is a 64-item, self-report instrument that is designed to measure nine workplace dimensions. Those dimensions are as follows:

  • organizational climate and culture - feelings of trust and pride in the organization, contributions to the community, commitment to values, respect and concern for employees, and openness to change
  • work environment - the organization's ability to provide material resources, respond to employees' needs, facilitate interactions between co-workers, and provide a clean, safe workplace environment
  • management-general - how management leads and manages, knowledge and skills of managers, management style, and encouragement of teamwork
  • management-employee relations - the expectations one has of their manager, feedback provided, support for performance and new skill development, respect received from one's manager, and an opportunity to take part in decisions
  • attitude, motivation and morale - attitudes about work, motivation to perform jobs, anxiety and stress, and overall feelings of job satisfaction
  • human resources issues - feelings about hiring and promotions, performance appraisals, benefits, compensation, rewards, recognition, policies of the organization
  • communication - effectiveness of communication between work units, with supervisor and manager, within entire organization, and communicating organizational plans and goals
  • recognition and job performance - recognition received for work performed, timeliness of feedback on performance, opportunity to self-actualize
  • safety issues - the organization's concern for employees' health, safety, and well-being, the importance of safety within the organization

The Organization Climate Survey (OCS) has a registered copyright 2015 by J.S. Evans Consulting, Inc.

(Revised January, 2015)