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The Strong Interest Inventory reflects today's pattern of constant change in organizational settings. It provides a solid, dependable guide for individuals seeking a job change, a career change, or help with career development opportunities. The Strong Interest Inventory is one of the leading instruments of choice used by practitioners in helping individuals make informed decisions regarding their interests for jobs and careers. The validity and reliability of the Strong Interest Inventory exceeds those of any other interest inventory. The Strong Interest Inventory's 317 items measure an individual's interests in a large number of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects.

The Strong Interest Inventory features:

  • a sample base that is 13 times larger than that of other career or interest inventories
  • a sample base that represents a wide range of educational and socioeconomic levels
  • a sample base that includes 14 "growth" occupations and contemporary careers, which were added in 1994
  • a sample base that includes 211 occupational scales, 72 which were renormed from the 1985 version
  • a comprehensive 15-page Interpretive Report
  • a 6-page full-color profile "snapshot" of results

(Revised January, 2015)